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Also consider Business Ethics. So, again, notice that the job of the Committee is NOT to just ask the Executive Director to provide a list of foundations to write grants to. It's much more strategic than that. And its responsibilities are recurring -- Committee members should never say they don't have anything to do.

Members of the Fundraising Committee should not be picked because they are "big names" or "big pockets. Many times, they'd rather write a check, than be expected to attend monthly meetings. And foundation officers see right through the "game" of listing big names on a list of Board members. Instead, select members who know how to think strategically, develop a plan and ensure that the plan is implemented. Fundraising: Leadership vs. Also consider Boards of Directors Leadership Volunteers. This person should have the experience and skills to help the NPO plan for next week and next year.

A large organization, with a large development staff, must have someone to coordinate the various programs and be sure that they support, not conflict with or duplicate each other. Smaller organizations that live on grants, need a grants officer. If one person can do both, all the better. A DOD is a critical hire for an organization. Also consider Employee Performance Management Staffing. You know that the key to net gains and year-to-year growth of your direct mail fundraising lies with your donor retention rate.

Helping first time donors become loyal friends can generate as much as an 80 percent return on investment. But few nonprofits get it right. Stingy thank-yous. I just sent you money to change kids lives or save the world. Now I want swift assurance that my money is making that important difference.

Instead, I get a form letter back, focused on the tax-deductibility of my gift from some mid-level employee in the development office.

Expert witness skills masterclass: How to avoid the pitfalls

Awkward introductions. I want to know how you help me be more like the person I want to be: compassionate, effective, wise. Donor communications should be all about the donor, not the organization. Ineffective asks.


Others fail because they treat donors like automatic teller machines. The answer is using mail to build an honest relationship of head and heart with your recent donors. With such an impressive return on investment, starting a grants program at your NPO might seem like a great idea…. It takes more than mailing applications and waiting for the checks to arrive. I advise potential clients to consider the following four points before launching a grants program at their NPO:.

They want to know where the rest of your funding is from, and you will need to prove that you are fiscally responsible, can be trusted and that you operate in a business-like manner. In my experience, all of this is true. You will need to provide detailed financial information with most of your foundation grant applications. A good example of what will be required can be found in the Missouri Common Grant Application, downloadable here.

Along with these organizational financial records, you will also need to provide a project budget, your long-term funding plan for the project, and often a budget justification. Part 2. Oh, My! What Should It Be? Corporate Giving: Foundation Grants vs. Grants management is about using the grant as the grantor intended, and reporting to the grantor on a periodic basis. The guidelines and procedures for managing specific grants depend very much on the terms of the grantor.

The following links give you some idea of what's generally involved in managing grants. Funders expect nonprofits to say how they will spend the funder's money and do so in an effective fashion -- and be able to prove that they spent the money in an effective fashion. Usually that proof requires an evaluation. Thus, funders often want nonprofits to include in their grant requests, descriptions of how they will evaluate the project being funded by the grants.

The reader would benefit from reading: Basic Guide to Program Evaluation. Today, there are approximately 2, federal grant programs and over 40, state grant programs. But before you get all excited about all that government money, you must really understand what government grants are and who is eligible to apply for them. A federal, state, local government grant is the money awarded to a nonprofit organization NPO consistent with a contract between the government and the NPO — where the latter provides the service for which the former pays.

Grants, of course, do not have to be repaid.

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There is an application process for all government grants, and not all applicants qualify. Then, when you receive a grant, you are agreeing to carry out the activities described in your grant application and to adhere to all the conditions of the award. For a Direct Grant a you apply directly to federal agency … and there is great competition for these, as you often compete with many other nonprofits for funding.

With a Pass-Through Grant, a state government receives federal grant money and then passes on these funds to local nonprofit organizations. There may not be a lot of competition for these, and they are likely to be smaller dollar amounts than direct grants. To get an idea of the volume of federal grants, visit The Catalog of Federal and Domestic Assistance www. Government Grants: Stepping Back from the Keyboard! Obviously, one would set a goal, and if that goal is set, you have been successful. The cost per dollar raised, or return on investment, is dependent on a number of factors.

See: Special Events.

Going for the Green!

A fully mature event can generate two, three, even four times its cost … but that does not happen overnight. Setting a goal in the first couple of years would be an exercise in wishful thinking or in self-delusion. And remember, you only set a goal when you KNOW you can reach it. Failure to attain a fundraising goal sends a wrong message to your current and future donors.

What Is A Special Event?

The Top Ten" Common Errors to Avoid in Charitable Trust Planning"

Also consider Facilitation Meeting Management. After thirty years in the non-profit sector, I often find myself questioning, not what we do, but how we label what we do — and how those labels often limit us. While going through this process, however, we are sending the wrong message, not only to our constituents, but also to ourselves. The message is that we should only ask for one gift per donor per year, and that the donor should only give once each year! By focusing on the single annual gift, we and our constituents lose sight of why the giving is important — what and who it supports.

People become focused on the process, not on the reason for the process.

A Major Gift, which could be a planned gift, is not based upon exceeding a specific dollar figure — as above, but requires:.