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But it did. The father, Louis Randall Park , runs a steakhouse with a meat-and-potatoes-heavy menu. Eddie Hudson Yang , the oldest brother, is an obsessive fan of hip-hop culture. Can it also qualify as a family series? Over the course of the series, Eric and Tami step in to act as support beams for those kids, mentoring and guiding them when their fathers and mothers are absent or negligent.

Even more than all that stuff about clear eyes and full hearts, Friday Night Lights taught us that community can be family, that it takes a village to raise the children. The Wonder Years had nostalgia baked into its premise, an approach that would later influence The Goldbergs and Young Sheldon. It could get overly sentimental at times because of that.

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But the series, created by Neal Marlens and Carol Black, also made a point of depicting the darker aspects of growing up in the Vietnam era, including seeing friends and neighbors losing children to the war. Most people devote more time looking back at their childhoods and the way their parents raised them than they spend experiencing childhood. The Wonder Years captured that truth with more depth and heart than any family comedy has since. An American Family , Arguably the first reality-TV series, An American Family was also a remarkable look at just how far American families had come from the days of Ozzie and Harriet in a mere two decades.

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But the announcer is almost regretful to inform the audience, they are an American family. It captures the intense love that dedicated parents feel for their children, a generosity that crosses over into a masochistic desire to sacrifice, and even die, for the next generation, against the petty reality of daily life — a death-by-a-thousand-paper-cuts experience that can leave you so enervated, you fantasize what it would be like never to have had kids at all. The full spectrum of emotional response is depicted here in every episode, and its portrait of the developing teenage brain is spot-on accurate, too.

But this regular check-in with the Dunphy clan announced itself as something inventive and very funny by applying the mockumentary approach used in workplace comedies like The Office to domestic life. More importantly, it made sure that a same-sex couple was a central part of its portrait of parenting. Are Cam and Mitch responsible for greater real-life acceptance of gay marriage?

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The Osbournes , — Fifty years after Ozzie and Harriet first appeared on television, along came Ozzy. The initial allure of The Osbournes was the chance to experience the voyeuristic and amusing thrill of watching the heavy-metal rocker, his wife Sharon, and their two kids putter around the house, struggle to figure out the remote control, and argue with each other. But eventually we got attached to the members of this foul-mouthed crazy train of a family and considered them part of our own.

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This one took someone famous for being a wild man and showed us that he and his offspring are just like us, and also daffier than we dared imagine. But Golden Girls absolutely belongs here. Arrested Development , —present Years before the Bernie Madoff scandal and the bursting of the real-estate bubble, Arrested Development exposed the dysfunction and ethical deficiencies within a wealthy California family.

One could easily argue that this is the most precision-tuned family comedy cast of the past 25 years — or maybe even all time.

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Little House on the Prairie , — In the s, two shows took viewers back in time to observe resilient families persevering through challenging times. The other was Little House on the Prairie , which followed the pioneering Ingalls family in the late s and also aired for nine seasons on NBC. We Vulture list-makers debated over whether to include both and ultimately decided to go with Little House , because the time period it depicted was so distant from the s, yet the issues its episodes confronted — from the rivalry between Laura Melissa Gilbert and the original mean girl Nellie Oleson Alison Arngrim to serious illnesses and addiction — still felt relevant to the present.

More importantly, we got to see family drama from the point of view of a young girl growing into a woman.

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The women of Little House were survivors, and watching them every week had a profound impact on every girl sitting in front of her TV with her hair braided in Laura-like pigtails, including this one. Who else but Linda could explore so deeply the anxiety of not being cool? And Bob, whose Thanksgiving obsessiveness is as much about family as it is about food. But the result often played like something closer to Goodfellas by way of All in the Family , mixing gangland intrigue into refreshingly everyday stories about inheritance and charity, investments and savings, gentrification and racism, fidelity and faith.

Jane the Virgin , —present Jane the Virgin is many, many things — telenovela, meta-commentary on the concept of fiction, coming-of-age story, portrait of a writer as a young woman. Each woman has her own life and her own desires, but Jane, Xo, and Alba are most astonishing as that rare TV family who insist on loving one another , and truly seeing one another as people.

There is no better family on TV right now than the Villanuevas. Ozzie and Harriet hawked Hotpoint kitchen appliances. They just wish they had the reach of the Kardashians. But even beyond the history-making depiction of a person in transition, Transparent is one of the most interesting TV stories about how families work.

The most powerful images in the series, including the newborn Kunta Kinte being held aloft and the traumatic departure of Kizzy, are ultimately about families being regenerated or ripped apart. The sequel, Roots: The Next Generation , brings the story right up to the present, with the character of Alex Haley James Earl Jones listening to a griot tell the story of Kunta Kinte in the final chapter, followed as in the original by an epilogue in which the real Haley urges viewers to study geneology to better understand their own families. The remake of Roots is also very much worth seeing.

The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet , — Police-procedural television made the leap from radio with Dragnet ; family sitcoms moved from radio to television with Ozzie and Harriet. But every family sitcom owes something to Ozzie and Harriet , whether as a direct inheritor or as an effort to rebel against their model. And in some ways Ozzie and Harriet were progenitors of the family-based reality show as well: With every family member essentially playing themselves, the fictional Nelsons became flattened onto their offscreen lives.

Probably not, but a camping trip certainly allows for lots of comic adventure. The jokes come thick and fast and mostly from the nether regions and the story is told as much through cartoon illustration as through the text making this a super accessible read for everyone.

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Danny Dingle does just that with it's all-singing, all-farting, larger-than-life characters and irreverent tone. It is a treat to work on a book that's so genuinely funny and full of personality, which can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. The book's universal appeal is something that is mentioned over and over in reviews, and it is one of the reasons it is so brilliant for engaging reluctant readers. Danny's witty, imaginative and relentlessly optimistic personality is infectious: you can't help but love him despite his many flaws.

Doing exactly what it says on the tin, this book is indeed packed with things for kids to do with science and the great news is that all of them are fun and generally easy to do, and that they can be created from craft materials or items that all of us will have readily to hand. Diagrams and colour photos make it more accessible and attractive to look at too.

With activities that can be carried out indoors and outdoors, this will be great for the Easter and summer holidays.

British Science Week is 10—19 March - find out more at www. She wishes she could take Neil, her puffin, with her. In a nice touch we see that mum is feeling a bit sad about it too. Fortunately, the teacher sees a way to make things right. Children will understand exactly how Polly feels while guest appearances by Neil and Skittles the parrot add excitement and more humour. The short text, lively adventure and frequent illustrations make this just the thing for readers at the start of their own schooldays.

Along with a bowl of fruit, six batteries and a wind-up meerkat. Terrific fun. Author: Gareth P. Why, our pets. When Dung Guzzler beetles arrive from the former star Dun-Glowing, things look bad: these things thrive on rubbish, and as they get bigger will happily trample whole cities to produce more rubble. How will agent Biskit and his new partner Mitzy the cat stop them? Garth P Jones has a deservedly dedicated fan-base and they will love this new series. A fast-moving adventure ensues, a mix of daft but exciting action scenes, wisecracks, slapstick and some proper character development too.

Black and white illustrations by Tim Wesson add to the all-round appeal. All these things are put to good use to stop a wicked landowner, whose plans to turn the library into a carpark are actually cover for something even more despicable. This will be great fun for children who like stories overflowing with magic, and Kit and her friends are very appealing characters. The action in this exciting crime story is set in a comic shop, and come-strip sensibilities inspire the whole adventure.


They are as lively a pair of protagonists as you could hope to meet and there are twists, turns and surprises galore as the story unfolds. Each chapter opens with a Komodo Jones comic front cover — someone should publish those stories too! Award-winning Michael Morpurgo weaves a charming and witty story around sport and history as they have come together in the recent twin triumphs of the City of Leicester with the discovery of the remains of King Richard III in a car park and Leicester City football club winning the Premier League. The link between the two?

A family of foxes! When Daddy Fox finds the ghost of the king and helps to release him from an unseemly grave he is granted one royal wish. What will it be? As a mad-keen footballing family the Foxes have one over-riding wish; that Leicester City can go top of the League. Can the King do it?