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Bonus: You'll also get instant access to my interview of a husband and father who retired at the ripe old age of. What others are saying: "Hi Rob. I'm at Day 26 in your 31 day money challenge podcast.

ISBN 13: 9781453757222

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've been looking for a comprehensive guide to all-things-money and this has been so informative. My biggest concern is this.

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Nowhere have I found does anyone mention daycare. I just sat down and figured our needs vs wants. Our daycare for the summer is Our newest car is 10 years old. Our kids share a room. That includes the daycare. I have the cheapest auto insurance I can find. Someone please tell me what I can be doing differently. For me, watching episodes of this show was much more helpful than reading books or online articles about money management.

Hope that helps and good luck! I would love to get your opinion on my situation! Btw, in my city if I was to keep renting and move apartments my rent would likely jump enough to equal these numbers anyways. Love your article! Between me and my husband, I am the one who manage our finances.

If that sounds like you, my suggestion is to try to get some freelance work online and save that where your salary is insufficient. You can do a variety of things as an independent contractor and make some extra cash to help give yourself a bit of a buffer. Other than that, just keep pushing forward. Thank you Rob,, keep it up.

I like all your podcasts so far but this really rocked, got me thinking about what I am doing right now. Thank God I am not in a bad shape, financially speaking but I can do better and I will. However this year we had laid offs in the company I work for and the position I worked in was cut out and I was offered which I took another job on ower level and with quite less pay and my income shrunk.

When it comes to lifestyle choices and necessities, I live in a city and commute to work every day which adds up on my transportation cost. However my long term goal is to buy my own apartment and thus I am finally budgeting my income and expenses. So thank you very much for your advise! Look into trimming your necessities— are any of them actually luxury expenses? Could you find a less expensive apartment to rent? Maybe even consider a side hustle, if you have the interest and time.

Putting money into immediate luxuries rather than letting it accrue interest for longer will have big effects on your savings. It would be far more beneficial to trim corners now, let that money grow in an interest-bearing account, and ride out the sacrifices until a better paying job comes around. Hello Rob!

I am currently only 19 and was wondering if this is a good plan to start with for my age.

ISBN 13: 9781453757222

Anyway, thanks for the post very good read! I know I could do this any way I like…just curious if anyone has thought about this. I view giving the same way I view taxes…non-negotiable. Chance, I always include my charitable contributions in the 30 category. It is my choice to give money to charity and I feel that sacrificing meals out, or new clothes makes the donation that much more meaningful. I always economize my money an budget an am frugal!

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I always keep a security balance of in my checking account an have much more in my savings! But my main concern is my IRA! Anything is possible if you put your mind to it! So moral of my story its not how much you make, its how much you keep that counts! Only hours a week, usually 40 is spent working leaves hours, 40 hours sleeping leaves 88 hours to do an get everything else done!

But if you use your money an invest it, it grows exponetially! Very powerful stuff interest is! Have a good one! This is impossible.

My husband works in the tech industry. Perhaps you might take a few deep breaths…relax, and allow facts from the rest of the country to seep in…. This is not a surprise! Having one child in northern CA, one child in southern CA, others close to me in Madison, and living in Mpls, I know that this is so: You choose to live where you live! MN is full of tech people with graduate degrees, and they live in very fine houses, thank you very much.

Breath deeply. My humble suggestion would be to always keep the HSA funded for now ONLY up to that point needed to reach the deductible you are required to pay before your catastrophic care kicks in. Just for now, set aside ONLY a month or two of emergency living expenses. NO other savings. Put anything else you have saved onto the debt right away. Pay a reputable garage to test the oil to verify the engine condition, and check the tranny and mechanicals, etc.

No restaurants. You take your lunch to work. No cable. But…but…but… Right now, were I you, I would not be saving or adding to retirement. Choose one debt goal.

How to Make A Budget Using the 6 Jars Budgeting Method - Secrets of the Millionaire Mind Summary

You are a human being. You cannot do everything at once. Of course you need to pay minimums. Get rid of it. Even if you have to move to where the cost of living is less…But you may not need to, if you learn to breath, eliminate the unnecessary waaaaaahhnts, and FOCUS your resources. I wish you the very best.

A quick check of any facts-based news source will turn up articles showing that in most areas of the country, the disparity between housing and living costs, and wages, means this rule is a fantasy for all but the wealthier portions of the populace. No, you go where the jobs are and those are rarely cheap areas. If they were hiring from outside, the housing costs would go up. Ignore the people suggesting you cut out things you may not have in the first place, or who have no idea what you need for your life.

Most of this advice is made for people who had salaries and housing costs that are now a distant memory, who live lives where they still get calls on the landline which many Americans have ditched. Been there, done that. The well made ones that actually run at 12 years of age will cost!

The Best Budgeting Books

And term life insurance? I suspect that you get your life insurance through your employer.

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Keep the K, keep paying the loans and the HSA. Enjoy the graduate degree and job you have worked so hard to get. Be sensible about your costs, I suspect you bring lunch already.