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Stadt Marburg , , 5. The Hessisches Musikarchiv currently maintains a website devoted to Jenner: www. Kohleick consulted with her while working on his biography of Gustav Jenner.

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See Kohleick, Gustav Jenner , [i]. Norton , , Susan Gillespie, in Mendelssohn and His World , ed. Larry Todd. See also Jenner to Klaus Groth, 17 February , trans. The image also appears in Heussner, Gustav Jenner , None of these three sources gives a copyright holder for the image.

See also pp.

Of the major musical figures who taught, the most conscientious shared with Brahms a concern for nurturing the artistic individuality of their students. See Kohleick, Gustav Jenner , On 6 February, the vocal trios were heard again, alongside piano works of Jenner played by Baumayer, the first pianist Brahms entrusted with his Second Concerto. In some of these cases, the serenade served as a training ground for symphonic writing much as it did with Brahms and Jenner.

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He also remained engaged with Brahms in the concert hall during this period, for instance conducting the German Requiem in Marburg on 11 December Leon Botstein New York : W. Heather Platt and Peter H.

Smith Bloomington: Indiana University Press, , — Franz was musically conservative, especially favoring Mozart, Haydn, and Beethoven, and heartily disapproving of the music of the ultra-modern Richard Wagner — though he played it with surpassing skill. But that was still on the horizon when Strauss composed this Serenade.

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The sonata form is conventional but very lucidly constructed. A few hints of the mature Strauss are audible, such as the slippery chromatic progression near the beginning — a progression that, however, quickly resolves to a conventional dominant chord. His career had taken off three years before, when he won an Austrian state prize for composition, and he was pouring out new pieces at a furious rate. A couple of months later he would compose the first book of Slavonic Dances, the work that made him famous worldwide. Those dances are foreshadowed in this exuberant work, which practically bubbles over with high spirits and catchy themes.

The piece has a four-movement form suggestive of a symphony, but there are important differences. Its size is modest, and the first movement, rather than being a weighty and elaborate sonata form, is a simple A-B-A. Aside from the instrumentation, though, the final three movements could belong to a symphony: a brisk scherzo, a slow movement another A-B-A form , and a rondo finale.

Gustav Jenner and the Music of Brahms: The Case of the Orchestral Serenades

The first movement is cheerful despite its minor key. The middle section is exhilarating in a frenzied, almost Tchiakovsky-esque way. The lyrical third movement features a dramatic middle section that contrasts in mood rather than in thematic material. Giuseppe Tartini String Ensemble. Mozart: Twelve Duets, K. Mozart: Two Duets, K. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart String Ensemble.

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Mozart: Duet after the Piano Sonata Mozart: Divertimento in E flat Major, Franz Joseph Haydn String Ensemble. Mozart: Trio No.

Mozart: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, K. Mozart: Trio, K. Charles de Beriot String Ensemble. Schubert: Trio No.

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Franz Schubert String Ensemble. Pleyel: Three Duos, Op. Mazas: Six Duets, Op.