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God's Scribe. [Hardback]

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Animal Behavior and Cognition Biochemistry Bioengineering Bioinformatics Biophysics Cancer Biology Cell Biology Clinical Trials Developmental Biology Ecology Epidemiology They thus stand in sharp contrast, for example, to Romantic plays of the same period, such as those of Victor Hugo. Scribe was prolific; he wrote various dramas — vaudevilles, comedies, tragedies and opera libretti.

He had a number of co-workers, Scribe's 'factory' , one of whom supplied the story, another the dialogue, a third the jokes and so on. He is said in some cases to have sent sums of money for "copyright in ideas" to men who were unaware that he had taken suggestions from their work. The mechanical aspect of Scribe's constructions made his works suitable for operatic adaptation, allowing for "effective contrasting of musical treatment, whilst the confrontations provided excellent opportunities for ensembles.

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Many of these libretti constitute the basis of the Grand Opera genre and changed the whole course of French lyric drama. At the time of his death, he was working on a revision of the libretto for Meyerbeer's L'Africaine , which he had originally written in They exist in a parallel universe, in which colourful historical or geographical milieu display a handful of stereotypes who, as a consequence of some secret manoeuvrings in their own pasts and coincidences in the present, are forced to face some implausible crisis of choice or conscience, preferably accompanied by a simultaneous natural disaster or violent death or both.

I want to be paid for them according to what they bring in, that is to say, a great deal. Scribe wrote a few novels, but none of any mark.

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Scribe was born in Paris and died there. His father was a silk merchant, and he was well educated, being destined for the law. However, he soon began to write for the stage. Numerous other plays, written in collaboration with various authors, followed; but Scribe achieved no distinct success till , when he wrote Une Nuit de la garde nationale Night of the National Guard , , a collaboration with Delestre Poirson. Much of his later work was also written in collaboration with others.

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Scribe's main subject matter was the contemporary bourgeoisie. Eventually he developed the formulaic "well-made play"; popular pieces with elaborate plots featuring clever twists and turns, and usually centering on a misunderstanding quiproquo which is revealed early on to the audience but not realised by the protagonists until the final scenes.

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Characters face a series of obstacles, the resolution of which may create in turn further problems. They thus stand in sharp contrast, for example, to Romantic plays of the same period, such as those of Victor Hugo.

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Scribe was prolific; he wrote various dramas — vaudevilles, comedies, tragedies and opera libretti.