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The part he has played in the past is of course selfish, but he was just as much of a mess as Sarah.

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There was one bit in the story where their years long miscommunication comes to a head and I just love it - "You came back. You never come back. Hadn't she been paying attention over the years? I always came back. Yeah, that in itself is a better sum-up than I could ever think up. This book has everything covered, from weak to strong, sad moments to happy, funny to downright steamy, thoughtful, angsty, and very well planned with a twist I did not see coming.

I'm always very impressed when that happens and I like to dish out extra stars for that because nothing is worse than a glaringly obvious "secret. Like a sequel or even an epilogue or something?

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And more meatiness in the middle!! Hey a girl can dream! Oct 10, B. View all 8 comments. Actually 4. Really just super duper close to my 5 stars! I was pleasantly surprised by this book. It's quite short, just pages in Amazon's book details, but it totally reeled me in. I felt both satisfied and still itching for more when I finished reading it. It was emotional, and had the makings of a full-length novel or even a series.

As much as I wanted this to be a longer read, I do appreciate the length of the book. It had just the right amount of angst and drama to make me 4. It had just the right amount of angst and drama to make me feel for Sarah and Hill. Given the nature of the conflicts in the story, it had the potential of being But since the narrative was short and concise, I got all the right emotions without ever thinking it went over the top. Characters: I liked that we were introduced to Sarah when she was already at a good place in life. If the story started earlier when she was still in the grasp of her demons, I think I might have disliked her a lot.

Both her and Hill, actually. The story takes place in the "redemption" and "recovery" stage of their young lives though, so even if the truths of the past keep coming back to Sarah and Hill, you will still look forward to a wonderful ending for the both of them. What I really like about Sarah Mine is it focuses on the relationship of the main characters. There are no unnecessary conflicts.

Sarah Mine

For me, Riann Colton did the right thing by avoiding those predictable storylines and concentrating instead on the maturity of Sarah and Hill's relationship. One had the makings of instigating a cheating oh thank God, it didn't veer that way!! I really don't like that in NA books, grrr and the other was in a perfect position to form a love triangle. Again, I'm glad the story didn't go to these two possibilities because then things would have been too predictable and cliched. Although to be honest However I staunchly reject that idea! LOL Hill and Sarah are a perfect fit.

No one else is welcome! He's an amazing character.

I'd love to have him as my own big brother! Readers will get a summarized version of his story in Sarah Mine, but I hope we'll get to read a longer, more detailed version of it..! Riann Colton is hugely talented. I love her way with words. It brought me right into the minds of the characters on page. Images and actions formed in my mind as I read, and they were usually the soft, serene kind. I really hope Riann Colton will be writing longer novels in the future! Fast, mental snapshots of Sarah. Jax: " I don't think i have ever been this fangirling for indie author in a long time!

I found this story very engaging, technically it is good and I found few grammatical or punctuation errors. Plot The story sets in present time but used a lot of flashbacks. Both Hero and Heroine struggled with internal problems for quite some time. The problems involved was heart tugging, hair pulling, and sometime was tear jerking. It was quite a journey and help from the awesome Jax Deveraux for both to confront I don't think i have ever been this fangirling for indie author in a long time! It was quite a journey and help from the awesome Jax Deveraux for both to confront each other.

Colton got me hooked from the very first page. I sympathise the heroine, Sarah, of all the struggles she experienced in her life. Extra credit for the fact that she's an artist, and in some way art has helped her to be a survivor of her struggles can i say, Jax Deveraux the awesome advisor? Even lthough she's a survivor, she's self-destructive by nature, and i thought it would be like walking on eggshell for the hero to bring the best of her.

In comes William Hilton Deveraux First of all, the middle name 'Hilton' wasn't for me. It was weird when Sarah called him by 'Hill', his abbreviated middle name.

I like William so much better! Secondly, When Hill was first introduced in chapter one, i thought to myself "This boy need a kick in the butt! It seems he was unaware of the passive result of his actions, he has tunnel-vision.

Of course his arrival would affect Sarah and the ambiance of the town she lived in. I love him! If he could persuade his brother to have vasectomy in the early age of 18, i think i could vision him as the citizenship teacher for Sex Ed Back to the topic Writing Style I'm giving Ms. Colton two thumbs up for her distinguished style of the POVs. Colton how much she invest on main character development which i would guess quite a lot.

Overall I really like it! It wasn't rainbow and unicorns yet it's also not too dark and angsty.

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Readers will be hooked by the strong introduction and you can't help but be emotionally involved in the story until the end. First we meet Sarah, broken but trying to live a new life, she walks home from her job at her sisters bar to find someone sitting on her patio, but not just any someone.

The someone who has the ultimate hold over her. The someone who can threaten her new life, the someone she hasn't seen in four years. Then, we meet Hill. Also broken, a world renowned photographer, he is running back to Sarah and his old routine Only this First we meet Sarah, broken but trying to live a new life, she walks home from her job at her sisters bar to find someone sitting on her patio, but not just any someone.

Only this time, Sarah tells him no. Sarah has to decide if she can let Hill in again while still holding on to her sobriety and her secrets and Hill has to decide what exactly Sarah is and means to him.

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I see the other reviews for this book and I see that everyone seemed to love it I didn't. I keep reading because I received a copy for reviewing so I am going to be honest. What I liked Jax, Hill's brother and a great side character! I would love to have seen the story be a little longer and have a few more questions answered about his contributions to Sarah's recovery. The idea for the storyline, lost love returns What I didn't like A lot of unanswered questions for me as to why she does and puts up with the things she does. I realize she has a lot of baggage but to overcome some things but not others was difficult Again, I realize he has a lot of baggage just like Sarah but come on Also a lot of unanswered questions about him for me as well.

My thoughts: Character development: 2. It just didn't work for me but don't discard based on my opinion alone, lots of others did like it. That's the great thing about books, there is something out there for everyone! I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Sarah Mine was not what I was expecting There are many NA books, which I enjoy very much, that follow the same pattern.

Two broken individuals that fall in love and have their HEA. It is a love story between two damaged individuals but doesn't really follow the same pattern. What makes it different is the pacing of the story and the characters. Sarah comes home one night after work finding her love, Hill, waiting for her on her porch.

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He left her without a word four years earlier. We quickly learn she is a recovering addict who has attempted suicide, but her biggest addiction and danger is Hill. We also learn exactly what Hill is there for This is one of the things that make this book a bit different.

The story takes off from here at a quick pace, and it really works.

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Will Sarah be able to resist Hill, or will she give in and let him take away everything she has worked so hard to achieve? The author's characters are a bit different too. They are far from perfect. While I liked Sarah immediately and admired her courage, I wasn't immediately won over by Hill even though he was gorgeous. I thought he wasn't really any different than the others in Sarah's life that hurt her.