Manual Probleme und Risiken im Umgang mit dem Mobilfunkstandard GSM (German Edition)

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Safety and Security. Fault-Tolerant Systems. Smart Energy. Advanced Software Engineering. Automated Driving.

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About this book Introduction With the exception of written letters and personal conversations, digital technology forms the basis of nearly every means of communication and information that we use today. It is also used to control the essential elements of economic, scientific, and public and private life: security, production, mobility, media, and healthcare.

Without exaggerating it is possible to say that digital technology has become one of the foundations of our technologically oriented civilization. The benefits of modern data technology are so impressive and the potential for future applications so enormous that we cannot fail to promote its development if we are to retain our leading role in the competitive international marketplace. In this process, security plays a vital role in each of the areas of application of digital technology — the more technological sectors are entrusted to data systems technology, the more important their reliability becomes to us.

Developing digital systems further while simultaneously ensuring that they always act and respond in the best interests of people is a central goal of the technological research and development propagated and conducted by Fraunhofer. He took office on October 1, and is responsible for the board area of management policy and research. Digitization Digital systems Computer networking Data analysis and data transfer Cyber security Resource efficiency Digital technology Communication channel.

Editors and affiliations. Zentrale der Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Munich Germany. Especially older and multimorbid patients th several preparations to diverse Zei and must take form in various dosages and Darreichungs are overwhelmed to ensure self-optimal and safe therapy implementation. A one-time advice from the doctor is often forgotten or misplaced notes. A drug has profile a reasonably well-known side effect, which can also look up relatively quickly. A risk analysis is then determined by behandelden doctor can then bewerkstel in any realistic time frame.

An overview to his drug therapy he does not get, because in the informative setting bodies, an information and knowledge deficit prevails, what precisely cation originates in the diversification of the media and mangelden convergence of information structure has. The object of the invention is to eliminate the disadvantages of the prior art.

It should be particularly pointed out in reliable method for monitoring a drug-assisted therapy. This object is solved by the features of the feature complex. The user of a smartphone Internet-enabled Benutzerendge advises with characteristics of a PDA and a cellular phone provides through its network operator a connection to the UMS service provider in this mains. This service provider transmits using a special server CGI entry form on the screen of your smartphone.

GSM and UMTS - Excellent Past, Bright Future

In this entry form are selection boxes with selectable content from a drug diagnoses symptom database. Following from entering all the information available to it be circuit, the user confirms his request to the TARM system. Das geschieht durch das Verwenden der Skriptprogrammiersprache Perl, ist aber auch in jeder anderen DB-orientierten Program miersprache machbar. This is done by using the script programming language Perl, but programming language possible in any other DB-oriented program.

Handy-Signal-Verstärker für D-Netz mit Katie Steiner

After completing the analysis, the resultant is nis the requesting site over the desired form E-mail, SMS, voice, direct storage on the SIM card of the user Serves retransmitted. To each other and simultaneously receives requests of network users on a normalized CGI interface, verified and to module 2 wei terleitet.

For this purpose it is also the task of the result of the UAW analysis to the transmitter in an appropriate form to submit. Modul 3 ist eine medizinische, pharma kologisch-toxikologische Datenbank. Module 3 is a medical, pharma ecologically-toxicological database. In it, the current expertise is to all UAW-related medical pharmaceutical issues drug-drug Wechslewirkun gen, drug-symptom contraindications, etc. The gateway provides both an interactive input unit be riding, but also automates the opportunity arrives to process de requests. Dort werden die Patientenangaben in eine Datenbankabfrage integriert, welche dann die Anfrage in einem Evaluierungspo zess mit ihren DB-Inhalten abgleicht und eine Handlungsdirek tive erstellt.

After completion of a return of all information available to him, the An activated pancake forwarding his request to the CGI of Module 2. There, the patient information is integrated into a database query, which then adjusts the request in a Evaluierungspo process with their DB contents and an action Direk tive created. This updating is done by using appropriate data transfer restriction means In frarot, Bluetooth, card reader-writer in the pharmacy, in the Ambulance or by manual entry of the patient.

By using a wireless service via the corresponding Kom munikationseinheit, the SIM card of the person activated by either an acknowledgment or automatically due to the change of the memory content via a network to con tact with the above-mentioned DB expert system for arzneimit telbezogene analysis of its medical status, ago. The feedback is then almost simultaneously in an appropriate form, either as an action directive to the patient, go fall in Ge also to the attending physician.

The analysis function is independent of time and place. Dangerous situations can be detected early and avoided. Proceedings have called in dealing with potential risks. Der Einnahmezeitpunkt wird optimiert.

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  6. The administration time is optimized. Die Compliance wird gestei gert, indem der Nutzer nach einmaliger Eingabe der Medikamen tentherapie periodisch an die Einnahme erinnert wird. Compliance is gestei siege by the user after a single tentherapie entering the Medicare Kamen is periodically reminded of the intake.

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    The doctor can track based on the erasure of memory function by the user whether taking has occurred. In older or multi-morbid patients One can reproducing already taking place in practice and thus a self-therapy implementation be ensured. If he wishes the competent doctor can be automatically notified in case of gross intake errors to occur as in contact with the patient.

    A significant contribution to the increase of drug safety is guaranteed.

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    It establishes for the first time a comprehensive pharmacovigilance and Arz neimittelsicherheits system which until now missing from say for drug therapy in the general population can. Are automatically monitored so that the system closes existing gaps in coverage. Der mediale Bruch, der durch den Einsatz unterschiedlicher Kommunikationsmedien auftritt, wird mit einem normierten und homogenen Informationsweg verhindert.

    The media fraction, which occurs through the use of different communication media is prevented with a standardized and uniform information path. Die Reaktionsgeschwin digkeit des DB-Expertensystems ist nur noch von den physika lischen Grenzen der dahinterstehenden Technik begrenzt. The Reaktionsgeschwin speed of the DB expert system is limited only by the physika metallic boundaries of the underlying technology. Die Summe dieser compu terisierten Anfragen basierend auf einem Wissenspool einer medizinisch-pharmakologischen Datenbank bildet den Kern des DB-Expertensystems.

    Table of contents

    The sum of these compu terisierten requests based on a knowledge pool of a medical-pharmacological database forms the core of the DB expert system. The communication medium and data storage is standardises ver, there is no loss of information due to insufficient compatibility between human language or script and the digital analogues.

    Die Information kon vergiert und erreicht dadurch eine verbesserte Effizienz bei ihrer Gesamtinterpretation und daraus resultiert eine optima lere Anwendungspraxis. The information kon vergiert, thereby achieving improved efficiency in their overall interpretation and this results in a optima sized application practice. The user of a radio-based communication unit Mo biltelefon, Smartphone is over its network provider to connect to a service provider in this mains. Dieser Dienstanbieter stellt eine interaktive Eingabemaske bereit.

    This service provider provides an interactive input mask. Using the input screen names and criteria can be selected manually. Depending on the number and name of a drug taken, including this associated diagnostic s and possible symptoms, the user makes his entry into the input mask. After completion of entering all the information available to it, the user activates a check routine on the expert system.

    On completion of this, analyzes across called Arzneimittelrisiko- management review, sets the Com munications one toward the inquirer. The result is the ser analysis processes finds its completion in combining the individual results to one of three possible final results. A well-known symbol of transport is used to delivery an interpretation: A green light stands for the result, "All right, there is no immediate need for action may". A yellow light signals the user "I beg your attention, Please search for a final Beur division this constellation of drugs, symptoms and diagnoses their doctor.

    The system is no evidence of a therapy or an alternative method of treatment. Es wird nur nach aktuellem Wissensstand eine einfache Interpre tation des Ist-Zustandes der augenblicklichen Arzneimittelt herapie geliefert.

    go It is supplied only on the current state of knowledge a simple day interpretation of the current state of the current Arzneimittelt herapie. Either after completion of the interrogation mode, the user can directly or resp. This will then determine for the user-friendliness among the input medication optimal application result in terms of compatibility and application and the drug consumers remember periodically to it. Diese kann je nach technischem Standard akustisch-Klingelton, visuell-Displayanzeige oder palpatorisch-Vibration erfolgen.

    This can vary depending on technical standard audible ring tone, visual-display or carried palpation vibration. Neben den Einnahmezeitpunkt wird in jedem Fall auch das entsprechende Medikament und die Darreichungsform angezeigt oder in akustischer Form mitge teilt.

    In addition to administration time and the corresponding drug and the dosage form in any case is displayed or mitge divided into acoustic form.