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This could not be. Yet it happened. This could not stand. I had to go back to the Green Plains. I had to find that Elite infected and defeat it. Not only defeat it… Kill it. Destroy it.

Obliterate it. Restore my faith in my abilities by proving that I can completely annihilate my enemy by being better than it. I knew it was stronger — I had to be smarter. The flames of my revenge will have to be those of a cutting torch: scorching and precise, wielded only by aware and cautious users. I carefully prepared my team this time. Not only had my ranged survivors high-DPS weapons, but all of them had medium-to-high knockback, even if it meant going for lower total damage.

Two lmgs were dropped in favor of shotguns and crossbow I had a Hellslinger. As for my fighter: this time, I would use it as he was meant to be used — as an unbreakable melee tank.

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He donned the best fighter armor I had, with the best melee resistance, injury resistance, life bonus and melee damage possible. He even wore a Rasputin helmet for a little extra life. I was ready this time. And I knew the risks. Eyes opened, mind sharp, I went back in the Green Plains. This time, in the suburban block.

As soon as the mission started, I immediately tried to find and secure a strategic location. One of the corner houses was perfect for that: away from immediate spawning points, and surrounded by fences that the infected will have to circumvent, while I can shoot at them all unopposed.

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Now fortified, I sent my scavenger to gather supplies this is a PVE mission, after all , constantly checking back and forth between my main forces and my scavenger. I could not risk having the Elite spawn close to my main forces without me managing them. However, luck would shine on me this time.

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My scavenger was on the opposite side of the map when I heard that familiar laughter. The Elite.

By Charles Dickens

It was back. The very same Elite that caused my doom. And it spawned close to my scavenger, not my main forces. I could not have hoped for a better strategic layout for this battle: I have a huge distance to lure it and slow it down — and several cars and fences will prevent it from directly accessing my main ranged forces, also protected from secondary waves.

Immediately, my scavenger started to run back to base.

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But not without firing a few shotgun shells at the Elite as soon as I had enough distance to do it safely. And then I understood. Ridiculous damage numbers appeared when I shot: 2, 1, 5, 1 … for a weapon supped to hit for several hundreds damage points per shot. I was not expecting that! I only have one melee survivor. He was supposed to act as a tank to slow down the elite while the high-DPS ranged survivors did the job, but now he will have to do everything. He was geared for melee combat — but would that be enough without real ranged support?

The Elite chased my scavenger back to base. Immediately, all my ranged survivors opened fire. It laughed. The high combined knockback managed to slow it down, but not to hurt it. All that was left between my ranged survivors and their doom was my human stone wall: my fighter. My hammer will meet yours and the Earth will shake.

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So it has pleased Zeus to arrange it. Odysseus: 'Next I told the rest of the men to cast lots, to find out which of them must endure with me to take up the great beam and spin it in the Cyclops' eye when sweet sleep had come over him. The ones drew it whom I myself would have wanted chosen, four men, and I myself was the fifth, and allotted with them. How convenient: Odysseus wants four men to draw the short straws, and those four men just so happen to draw the short straws or whatever they're using to cast lots.

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It seems like fate is on Odysseus' side. Wounded Polyphemos invokes his father Poseidon as well as Fate to his aid in cursing Odysseus.

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This is most often seen in character-driven stories such as romances and contemporary novels, where the protagonist must confront a doubt, fear, flaw, or regret in order to overcome their struggles and find happiness or success. Though most often acting as an antagonistic force rather than a physical antagonist, some authors choose to personify or objectify their protagonist's struggle with self.

This occurs in The Picture of Dorian Gray as Dorian's vanity is represented by his portrait, as well as in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein when Victor's grief and loneliness are made manifest in his monster.

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Because an Internal Struggle is, like The Immoral Entity, more nebulous, it may seem difficult to create defined moments of conflict for your story. The key lies giving your protagonist a distinct dissatisfaction with their life or a strong story goal or both! While these four types of antagonistic forces are the most popular found in fiction, they aren't the only sources of epic story conflict. Your story may benefit from a different type of antagonistic force, such as:.

Example: iRobot by Isaac Asimov. Example: The Shining by Stephen King. Just like The Immoral Entity and The Internal Struggle, any of these types of antagonists can stand on their own or be made manifest as a physical character in order to heighten your opportunity to craft direct conflict. Also, keep in mind that some stories can make good use of multiple types of antagonists. Take for example, the aforementioned A Walk to Remember , in which Landon's pride is the main antagonist to his happiness in the first half of the novel, while Jaime's physical illness provides the conflict in the latter half of the book.

Having multiple sources of conflict in your story doesn't necessarily make your story stronger, but it can provide your protagonist with different troubles that force them to their physical, mental, or emotional limits in their fight for happiness or success. Which type s of antagonist is best for your story? Take a look at your protagonist's story goal and personal struggles. Which type could give them the most grief throughout your story? There, my friend, lies your answer. Well, not so fast… Stories need conflict, certainly, but conflict doesn't have to come at the hands of a cackling, mustache-twirling supervillain.

Type 2: The Everyday Antagonist Not all antagonists are bent upon evil for the sake of evil. Type 3: The Immoral Entity Sometimes, the protagonist doesn't find conflict with a single human being, but rather a group of people or an even larger entity, such as an organization, a government, or a social system. How to make your Immoral Entity stand out: Because Immoral Entities are more nebulous, they can be difficult for the protagonist to fight.