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Admire an object of beauty. Commit to your goals Having meaningful goals increases self-esteem, provides structure and meaning to our lives, and helps us master use of our time. Strategies: Contemplate the personal legacy you would like to leave. Believe in yourself. Be flexible; it opens your eyes and ears to new prospects and possibilities. Practice religion or spirituality Spiritual or religious practice makes up the single-most used form of coping.

Strategies: Dedicate time each day to prayer or meditation. Seek meaning and purpose in life. Take care of your body Physical activity and acting like a happy person can both provide and enhance social contact. Strategies: Start slowly; target 60—65 percent of your maximum heart rate. And laugh! Share this Ronnie Gilmore Share this You Might Also Like. Can candy be actually nutritious?

Copyright Serenity Spaces. All Rights Reserved. If she hated herself for some of the things she had done, how could she ever admit them out loud? I definitely identified with that feeling. There are some events in my life that I felt a lot of shame about. That I did not admit in my first 5th step.

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Every time I remembered that incident, a flush of shame and self-loathing washed over me. I had admitted it to my Higher Power and to myself, but never to another person. But it was something I felt I had to do. The amazing thing is that since that time, the memory of this event has lost its power over me! That hard admission brought me some peace and some more love and compassion for myself. Even for the years-younger me that made a really poor decision doing the best with what he had. You know, the feelings I have that lead me to not like myself and to not trust myself are very similar.

What are these 4 Cs? Clarity: Seeing ourselves and the world for what we and it really are. In the program, this is Step 4 probably 5, 6, and 7 too. Also, Steps 8 and 9 bring more clarity. Connection: Get out of my isolation.

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In other words, go to a meeting, call a friend, get a sponsor and use them! Compassion: This is also about getting out of myself. When I can have compassion for other people, and when I can identify with their fears and pain, but also their joys and successes, then I can start to see the same in myself. And I can start to have compassion for myself.

I would never talk to someone else the way that I sometimes talk to myself. Commitment: Make a commitment to keep away from the negative self-talk, to continue to work on the first 3 Cs. Step 10 is my commitment to continuing to seek clarity. Steps 11 and 12 are commitments to connection and compassion. How did this work in my Step 5 experience? I gained clarity by taking an inventory of the incident. What was motivating me?

Which of my needs were involved?

What do we do here? What is this podcast about?

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What are we? I got a letter from a listener who asked some questions. It made me think that maybe it's time again? Bob S Jr Talk — Episode Would you rather be right or happy? We also mentioned the June 3 reading. We were inspired by a Psychology Today article Right vs.

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And Eric ended with a quote from Chief Joseph. Kate C grew up with alcoholism — Episode Kate C shares her story, experience, strength, and hope. She grew up with an alcoholic mother, in a family that separated when she was 8. She didn't feel safe as a child and so decided she needed to take care of her siblings, especially her younger brother. She says that Al-Anon has given her the coping skills her parents never taught her. It helped her to put a space between herself and her defects. Mary Pearl T on Step 6 — Episode How can we trust our higher power to remove our defects of character?


Mary Pearl T continues her workshop with Step 6, Became entirely ready to have God remove all our defects of character. How is her anger like a volcano? And why is she talking about towing cars? The Year in Recovery — Episode I hear from you about what happened in your recovery in , and what you are aspiring to in While looking for this text, I found an online meeting called A Serenity Place.

Contribute to the show Please call us at or email feedback therecoveryshow. Peace in the Darkness — Episode Do you feel that you are lost in the dark? Do your fears become larger and more real in darkness?

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Can darkness ever provide comfort and peace? They were monsters coming out from under the bed, from the closet, to attack me. In that time of my life, darkness was not a friend, darkness was to be feared. How Al-Anon Works, Chapter Our topic for next week is twofold: How did recovery work in your life this year? And what aspirations and intentions do you have for the coming year? Mary Pearl T on Step 5 — Episode What do we gain from this?

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Do you Believe? Do you believe all things happen for a reason? Do you believe in coincidence, or that there is no such thing as coincidence? Step 2 moments What happens when you view them as miracles rather than coincidences? Today, we're talking about miracles, coincidences, and belief. We share some of our own and some of yours. Gratitude — Episode What are you grateful for in ? Sure, I can write a gratitude list.