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Pilgrim’s Progress: New Suburbanism, Finally, at Former State Hospital

Working at pilgrim psychiatric center requires a lot of team work there are three staff members required to take care of anywhere from twenty to thirty clients on a ward where you learn about mental health and how it effects people the most satisfying part of the job is being able to reach and help clients grow and leave the facility. Was this review helpful? Yes 1 No. Share Tweet. Copy link. Too much to say and nothing positive. NA1 are absolutely the ones who ruin the place.

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They have drunk people working and people doing drugs in the parking lot. Yes No 1. I love what I do, it's rewarding and productive. However the bureaucracy involved can sometimes undermine the good work we do.

Pilgrim State LIRR Spur

Management is not completely in touch with staff that work directly with the clients and with the issues and time constraints they are under. Yes No. It is a good environment where you can learn about each day about psychiatric patients in the community. I can make a difference by educating, creating awareness, and promote community integration. The workplace culture is dynamic.

The hardest part of the job is when you can't help a young patient due to underlying drug abuse accompanied with the disease process. The most enjoyable part of the job is the ability to make a difference. At the clinic, in the community, it is a job that leaves you with lots of satisfaction professionally and the rapport that exist among the team members are genuine toward the patients. Its a great organization, I think if the salary was a little bit more, many employees would saty longer at their post.

LPN's make a horrifically low salary at Pilgrim State, even coming here with year of experience under your belt. It makes for low morale overall, especially considering the environment your working in. Not everyone can handle this type of job. Yes 2 No. Leave a review.

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Help people like you. People rely on reviews to make better decisions. Help them out by rating your employer. Working in the Mental health Illness can be challenging, and the same breath it is very effective with the support we provide for the individual we serve. The experience here with the patient population was a positive one. I took away a lot from this position, however, I found the management to be unsupportive which led to poor morale among employees. Good management helping Technical knowledge earn Good environment Team work is good Big government company Good training program New software can learn.

Yes 1 No 1. We want to help you find great companies. Help us be the best!

Pilgrim State Hospital History

Do these reviews help you learn more about working at Pilgrim Psychiatric Center? Many good union benefits including health, dental and vision. There are opportunities to advance via paid leave, and financial incentives to attend school or college. Salary is based on grade pay scale. Supervisors appreciate staff input and suggestions to improve the way jobs are performed. This job is not boring as each day is different. There was a lot of opportunity for overtime if desired, sometimes mandated but not too often. You get to work with a lot of different kinds of people.

A lot of opportunity to forge friendships. It can be very stressful sometimes but generally everyone works together to get through the day. Many opportunities for professional improvement.

Pilgrim Psychiatric Center

As medicine and community care became a viable alternative to institutionalization, large mental institutions began to decline. Edgewood, the last completed Long Island asylum, closed its doors in December following decentralization. Kings Park and Central Islip continued operation, while at the same time downsizing. Pilgrim was not exempt from this downsizing either, and parts of the campus began to close throughout the s and into the s. Buildings were briefly used as a correctional facility in the s as a result of Pilgrim's mass downsizing, but after much community protest they reverted back to psychiatric use.

In the early s, with declining patient populations in the three remaining hospitals, the New York State Office of Mental Health formerly the Department of Mental Hygiene began making plans to re-organize the Long Island hospitals. The plans were implemented in the fall of , when Kings Park and Central Islip were formally shuttered, and the remaining patients from both those facilities were transferred to Pilgrim. The Central Islip site partly became a campus for the New York Institute of Technology, but was also used for residential and commercial development or left abandoned.

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At Kings Park, three buildings housing community residences administered by Pilgrim remain open. Much of the former campus has become a state park, while the rest sits in abandonment. Pilgrim is today the last of the state asylums still operating on Long Island. However, it is no longer what it used to be. The farming section of the hospital was sold off, renovated, and became the Western Campus of the Suffolk County Community College in Anyone have a map of Pilgrim during this time that's clear or pics from the s of Pilgrim?

Much appreciated. See more. Dianne Farrugia Haaga. As students we lived on the grounds in dormitories for 3 years. Quite an experience, but we did get an excellent nursing education. Information about Page Insights data. I stumbled upon this today. Some great photographs here. It's high time this happened.

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A quarantine station, a dumping ground for plague victims, more recently a mental hospital -- the tiny island of Poveglia in the Venice Lagoon has served many unpleasant purposes over the years, but today it stands empty, a crumbling collection of abandoned buildings and weeds run riot just two mile….

A member of this community is seeking information about a relative, Dr. Nicholas N. Harin: "I am looking to find out about his reputation as a Psychiatrist at Pilgrim State, anyone who may have known him Even at a jail with innovative mental health programs, staff say it's hardly actual treatment.

Pilgrim Psychiatric Center – Abandoned Buildings P3 MY HAUNTED DIARY paranormal