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That, for me, would be the pinnacle, the Holy Grail of linguistic dexterity. The improvement was accompanied by the occasional howlers, just to keep things real. Like yelling from my balcony to the kabadi wala scrap dealer standing below if he had toliyaan towels instead of tolne kay liye cheez weighing scales.

But that, dear reader, is not the end of story.

Never Mind Yaar

After moving to Bangalore, it turns out the language I end up speaking the most after English is, surprise, surprise, Hindi. Whether it be with my Telugu colleague in the administration department or the Kannadiga auto driver, my limited Hindi has stood me in good stead. Every week, Eye Culture features writers with an entertaining critical take on art, music, dance, film and sport.

But it was not to be. Indulekha Aravind.

Getting a proper address proof is a headache for everyone, particularly when they move cities, shift homes and so on. Almost every service Interstate tourist taxi permit fee mafia.

Never Mind Yaar

Baanigondu elle ellide? Non Kannada Readers excuse. This post only contains lyrics of a popular Kannada song. When I wrote about my favorite lyrics in this post , Refer to this post to know more.

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View my complete profile. Followers and counting. Follow by Email. She's been brought up to believe her parents and autocratic grandma will choose her life partner for her.

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On the very first day at college her eyes accidentally look into those of a young fellow student's and her heart is lost forever. She knows she must resist as her family won't allow a match with a mere student.

But she has two unlikely cupids to contend with. The girls go through four years of college together, facing many challenges on the one hand but also the comfort and reassurance on the other, of growing up in the cultural, political and bewildering mosaic that is Mumbai.

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The author admits there's a message - that of the curse of communalism or racism. But first, the book is about the light hearted years of college and true friendship between the girls.

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This is how it all begins: Dr. Naakwaa of Gyan Shakti College couldn't help smiling to himself as he looked at the sea of eager, animated young faces. They all seemed to speak at once, or so it seemed to an old man like himself, their ceaseless chatter outdone only by sudden bursts of loud laughter.