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This Christmas, use these gifts to encourage your congregation members, volunteers, and visitors with the true peace that transcends all human understanding, peace given to us through Jesus, our Savior.

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Our vision at CTA is to see Christians highly effective in their ministries so that Christ's kingdom is strengthened and expanded. Building a Volunteer Pool Take advantage of our audio recordings designed by ministry veterans to help you build your volunteer staff read more.. Thanks CTA, for affordable yet quality gifts to serve the Lord's servants!

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Gary O. Continue Reading. Some prophecies will come to pass by the will of God no matter what man does.

A Gift To You

Others will come to pass only if we press in and war with them before the throne of God. It wasn't a dream, but a vision with a prophetic word. But at the time I didn't know it was a message from God.

It was revealed to…. One might wonder why we would talk about Babies and toddlers in relationship to teaching children to walk in the supernatural power of God. After all, what can you teach babies about anything, much less spiritual issues?

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  6. How much can they learn? Does the…. Music, whether Chris Tomlin or something more age appropriate, is always an excellent gift. And what better gift can you give them than teaching them to manage the resources that God has given them. See all of our previous gift guides HERE! Thank you for this great list! Your list will definitely help get those creative juices flowing! Also, Scripture Lullabies, Hiddeni n my Heart series are great.

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    My daughter just turned 13 and is really enamored with the idea of a purity ring I think from the beautifully moving scene in Courageous , so we will be getting her a ring from SonGear. My son is 8 and his old Bible cover was a fuzzy VeggieTales one from when he was a toddler, so he was asking about getting a new Bible cover and we found a really cool camouflage one in the CBD catalogue.

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    Literally scripture set to kids music but really good kids music. We used to do things like this for our spiritual gift, but as they got older we needed something more. So we started doing something that would help them serve others. A ministry gift… piano or music lessons, Art or drama classes.

    Things that they can use and develop within themselves to one day use to minister to others in some way.

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    We also love audios. Lamplighter, Jonathan Park, Heirloom Audio are a few we have really enjoyed. All the kids from 14 down to 4 love them and enjoy listening.