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16 LinkedIn Profile Tips for Lawyers

Try to include keywords you think your potential clients or referral sources are searching for. The skills section is important for job hunters, but you can use it as a tool to give clients a more in-depth look at your practice areas. The skills you list also act as keywords in LinkedIn search, so be sure to include every skill that is relevant to your practice. Potential clients may not retain you just because you post accomplishments, but they do build trust.

Recommendations and endorsements are an ethical gray area in some states and among some legal experts, but they have the potential to serve as powerful marketing tools. Check with your firm and your state guidelines to determine if you can accept skill endorsements, testimonials, and recommendations from clients and colleagues. If you are the partner of a firm, make sure your firm builds out its own LinkedIn Company Page. You can create a basic company page in 15 to 30 minutes. Click it, and then follow the steps to get started. Give your URL some thought.

Create a company description. Assign administrators to your page. Upload a cover photo and a profile photo.

Social Media Marketing for Law Firms in The Ultimate Guide.

Most firms use their logo as their profile photo, but many firms neglect to upload a cover photo at all. Again, the cover photo on your LinkedIn Company Page is an opportunity to share your brand's identity, just like the one on your LinkedIn lawyer page. Focus on your practice areas and consider your keywords, as they can influence traffic on your page.

Create a Showcase Page to spotlight your brand or highlight one of your initiatives. Use Career Pages to recruit new talent at your firm. Ensure there is a link back to your own website on your Company Page. Creating a full LinkedIn lawyer profile is your first step towards leveraging LinkedIn for marketing, networking, and your referrals. Take the time you need to build your profile. It may be the first thing a potential client or referral source sees before they reach out.

If you plan on using LinkedIn extensively for marketing and lead generation, all of your efforts will rest on the strength of your profile. With so many people on LinkedIn, all trying to get noticed for career advancement, job prospects, building connections and more, how can a person stand out from the crowd? Here are a few tips.

Now add that little something extra to push it over the top. Here are a few ways to do so. Create a video that showcases who you are and what you do, then upload it to a sharing site and post the URL to LinkedIn. Written anything good lately? Professional writings, especially those that wind up in journals dedicated to your field or those that make it into high profile publications should be showcased on LinkedIn. Here are some common pitfalls to avoid. LinkedIn is for professionals—period.

No one is there to waste time. LinkedIn is all about networking, and that requires a bit of a personal connection—so never skip an opportunity to personalize a connection request or message.

Sending out a request without a touch of personality can easily tarnish a good reputation. It is part of your professional development and, just like anything, will take some work to get something out of it. What I have found is that the more I use it, the more useful it becomes to me. When someone provides an introduction, helps you get a job interview, answers your request for advice or otherwise takes an interest in how things are going for you, circle back and let them know how the situation turned out.

Thank them for opening the door to that great job, let them know how their advice helped you, or simply tell them you appreciate the time they took to make introductions on your behalf.

LinkedIn for Lawyers: Developing a Profile to Grow Your Practice

How do they know when they have created a successful profile? A profile is successful when the views start piling up, the introductions roll in, comments increase on whatever you post, and recruiters are getting in touch to ask what they can do for you. Professional development is a constant dance that keeps you moving forward, so celebrate the little successes along the way to that big one—that dream job! This top-notch recruiter near Austin, Texas is reaching out to those who might be interested in working for Facebook. He regularly updates his profile, succinctly explains his experience and has a perfectly professional photo.

This is a great example of a CEO profile, one that includes a multitude of recommendations both given and received and an impressive employment history. Looking for an example of excellent integration of video and other media? This is it. This marketing manager and strategist offers an impressive list of employment, including bulleted descriptions of what she can do.


A list of strong accomplishments rounds out her profile. She tells stories for her clients, but she also tells her own through a mesmerizing mix of media options, impressive experience and summary, recommendations and an all-around engaging profile. Her summary is bulleted, a bold move that immediately establishes her as a risk-taker.

This is an example of subtle humor used to create an eye-catching profile. Bryan is great at a lot of things, including drums, video games, coffee and the ever-important breathing. With a headline that makes you look twice, Scott gets attention right off the bat. He keeps up the interest with a short yet engaging summary that serves as an example of keyword mastery. In addition to publications in highly-respected outlets, Tim offers many ways to connect and has regular office hours for discussion.

He also uses hashtags in his headline and profile, demonstrating his media savvy. Social media is increasingly popular as a way to find a great new job, move up the career ladder or even jump into a new profession! These resources for social media networks can help anyone get started on an exciting future:.

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You're about to search for degree programs related to a career that you are researching. It's important to recognize that a degree may be required for a career or increase your chances of employment but it is not a guarantee of employment when you complete your degree. Meet the Experts. Kristan J. Wheaton View Bio. LinkedIn now allows members to upload relevant media to their profiles i. Consider adding firm videos, firm photos, certificates, etc.

This will make your profile easier to find, and also boost your overall Google presence. Include a few of your interests. Why is this important? Sometimes people will contact you because they share a love of the same activity or are a member of the same organization. In general, though, this is like adding an interests section to your resume; it makes you look like a real person where common interests might be found.

Join LinkedIn groups that have potential clients or referral sources for you i. Participate in these groups by responding to discussions, or starting discussions that are relevant to your field. Make yourself known as an expert by adding value, as opposed to selling yourself. Not only will this give you a name in your community, but it will likely drive people to your website or blog, if applicable. You should be posting daily updates during the work week. Statistically, the best time to post is in the morning. Never post controversial or negative statements. Also, refrain from over-posting or people will not read your posts.

Basically, use common sense. Try adding hashtags relevant to your post to get found more frequently in searches.