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One Step at a time. Video Learning. Check out these free video resources and tips from Coach Vicki on how to identify, leave and recover from toxic relationships. Join a private group of women taking action to break free! This is a special community of women supporting each other to be free! Opportunities to work with Vicki. I mentor and coach you on how to identify, leave, and heal from toxic relationships so that YOU can live a life filled with peace. Schedule a Complimentary Call. After a couple of conversations it was so clear that she was my person!

Hiring Vicki as my coach was definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made.

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Not only is Vicki knowledgeable, caring, compassionate, encouraging, I could go on and on…she has had such a positive impact on my life. She challenges me and I am on my pathway to freedom.

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In 6 plus weeks I have gained more confidence than I have had in 10 years and found the strength to file for divorce! I have strategized, planned and overcome many obstacles that came up along the way. As much as I hate covering up…it allows me the freedom to live my life.

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Challenge accepted! I push to see what activities I can do covered up as I try to extend my hour outside. I kayak, fish, bike, run…you name it and I do it. Nothing will stop me from living a life I dream of. I will not be confined to the walls my disease creates for me. No obstacle or challenge should ever keep you from living your best life, use it as fuel to push your further. What is stopping you? You can talk often on how you want to do something, weather its a vacation, new career, beginning a workout or a crazy adventure.

But that is all it ends up being, thoughts and talk.

Life Beyond Limits

You just have to do it! Enough of the wishing and more doing. Make your dreams a reality, nothing is holding you back but your own mind. Make a list of things you want to do and start checking off the boxes.

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You have one life so get out there and live it. The more you try new things and do what you love, you open your mind up to so much more. The joy of doing truly increases your potential to live your best life. Staying in that zone is like hitting the replay button on your life every single day. What is the fun in that?

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Choose something everyday that scares you. Allow yourself to live life on the edge for once. Take a risk or try something new. Use the feelings of fear from the unknown to push you and make your life more exhilarating. It truly is amazing what you find on the other side of your comfort zone.

It is perfectly fine and completely acceptable to do it scared. In fact, it is proven that stepping out of your comfort zone and feeling a little anxiety helps you to perform at your peak. It will grow you as an individual and make you more strong mentally.

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It is easy to sit at home without an agenda making excuses. What do you get out of taking the easy route? Especially when there is endless opportunities to get out and see so much of what life and this world has to offer. Never stop exploring. Explore every aspect of life including yourself. Tap into the raw version of yourself. Take a trip, read a book, go for a walk or make a new friend.

Experiencing new and exciting adventures not only creates awesome memories, but allows you to grow as a person. Exploring gives you a glimpse of what living beyond limits could look like. Your mind wanders when you get out and explore. The type where you let go and allow the inner child to come out and dream more. So get out to see more.

There is too much to see and do in this world for that to be alright.

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I was not given a rare disease of being allergic to the sun to keep me contained at home where it is safe. I was given it to prove that no matter what curve balls are thrown your way in life you make the best of it. Because why not! You can look back on your life and see the same mundane tasks day in and day out.