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Keeping You a Secret. Summary Note: summary text provided by external source.

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I couldn't stop. I read until 4 am, and gawked at the page when I was done. Then didn't sleep for another hour because I was thinking about it. I was shocked. Mostly because I wasn't expecting a Lesbian love story. Mostly because I wasn't expecting it to be so damn good and moving and heartbreaking. If you want to feel what true love feels like, right in the pit of your stomach, read this book. I can't even begin to explain. After reading this novel, there was an unusual weight on my chest for the week to follow and I couldn't put my finger on it for the first little while It is October and I am 20 years old, and I first read and reviewed this novel in January at 17 years old; In that time, I have managed to graduate high school, buy my first car, graduate college with a diploma in Public Relations, start a career, plan my move to the United Kingdom-- but most importantly-- come out as openly gay.

I do owe lots of that to friends and family that were by my side while I found myself, but I could never forget that my coming out journey started with Keeping You a Secret and Julie Anne Peters-- and for that, I am always thankful. I couldn't stop thinking about it and it made me feel different. I went on to read a few more LGBT based books and every time I had the same little flutter in my chest So, Julie, Thank you for this gem of a novel. For anyone reading this and is having a similar experience as I was, and is probably as scared as I was Don't be afraid of your secret.

I still receive notifications for likes on this review today. If you like my words, please feel free to follow my writing journey on modernworldclub. View all 24 comments. May 22, Lola rated it it was ok Shelves: lgbt , annoying-heroines. My worst nightmare would literally be to get stuck in an elevator with her.

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View all 10 comments. Oct 25, karen rated it liked it Shelves: and-so-this-is-grad-school , why-yes-i-ya. View all 48 comments. May 06, Jennifer Wardrip rated it really liked it Shelves: read-personally-by-moi , trt-posted-reviews. Reviewed by Me for TeensReadToo.

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Holland Jaeger is the "It" girl everyone envies--she has great friends, she's President of the Student Body, she's the girlfriend of Seth, she's the popular girl who can be counted on to always get along with everyone. That is, until Cece Goddard transfers in, and Holland's once-perfect life no longer seems so great.

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The first time she sees Cece, Holland feels something that she's never felt before. Although sexually active with her boyfriend, Seth, having sex is more like a chore--she'd much rather sit around talking, the way they used to do when they were friends rather than lovers. As Cece flaunts her homosexuality, wearing shirts proclaiming herself out and proud, Holland wonders what it means when her attraction to Cece becomes almost an obsession. College looms on the horizon and no one, especially her mother, will quit asking her where she's going. They have big plans for her, you see, both her mother, who became a single parent way too young, Seth, and the career counselor at her school.

Forced into a role she doesn't want, Holland escapes into her art class, drawing away from her former friends as feelings and emotions she can't control rush to the surface. As Holland realizes that she is, in fact, a lesbian, her perfect life is suddenly out of control. She's shunned by her former friends at school, her mother kicks her out of the house, she's forced to live in a run-down motel that's now a shelter, and she's not sure she'll be able to attend college at all.

Holland must learn what's really important in life, that it's not about being popular but about being true to yourself. As she loses old friends she gains new ones in the gay and lesbian community, and forms a bond with Cece that is beyond her wildest expectations.


A truly recommended read. View 1 comment. Sep 06, Justin rated it it was amazing. I have been reading a few lesbian romance novels lately and haven't written a review on them because I was kind of hoping they would just fly under the radar here on goodreads and not get noticed. I'm sure that anyone that knows me, and knows that I am a 29 year old straight man will probably think that I'm just reading them because I'm a dirty old pervert who wants to read about two women together. That I have been reading a few lesbian romance novels lately and haven't written a review on them because I was kind of hoping they would just fly under the radar here on goodreads and not get noticed.

That's all I ever watched, listened to, our read, but I have always loved a good love story mixed into them. I recently started reading romance and it only takes a handful to get the basic layout of a romance novel, two people meet, fall in love, face some kind of obstacle or something that gets between them and makes their relationship difficult and the harder they have to fight to be together the more they must love each other and the happier the ending is. Well, who has to fight harder than a same sex couple?

Who has more trials and tribulations and has to make more sacrifices?

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  • It's all to easy for a boy and girl to meet and say they are in love and then a week later be in love with someone else and it don't matter because nothing really changes but read this novel here and see exactly how much her life had to change to admit her love for cece and you know that it is real true love because she is willing to risk everything for her and when she loses so much she never once regrets it.

    View all 15 comments. Jan 27, Jennie rated it it was ok Shelves: young-adult-books , glbtq-books. I would really give book this book 2. I imagine readers are so desperate to see themselves reflected in the literature, that books like this are given a lot more credit than they deserve. I actually wrote down a list of offending phrases that I doubt have ever been uttered by the lips of a high school senior except perhaps in an ironic way including: "wastoid, goon, shudder city, no way - way!

    However, it was published in so there really is no good explanation. Sep 22, Ellenblews rated it did not like it.

    Keeping you a secret

    I really didn't like this book! It was given to me by a friend who figured I'd like it because I like girls, too. How wrong they were.

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    Cece doesn't seem like any person I know or would encounyer, as I doubt anyone is quite that out there about being, well, out. That didn't bother me so much as just how manipulative Cece was as the story progressed. She seemed to not even care about Holland, just so long as she had her own place that she could crash at. The "big reveal" about a previous girlfrien I really didn't like this book! The "big reveal" about a previous girlfriend who had broken Cece's heart was predictable and childish, despite how grown she tries to present herself.

    Cece skeeved me out, with her constant talk about needing Holland and vice versa , and the two expressing how they "couldn't live without each other. I can appreciate the book helping some people come out to their parents, but it is not a healthy thing for young queer kiddos to read, as far as learning about healthy relationships go. View all 4 comments.