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The injurious effects which Superstition exercises on all the concerns.

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The effects of Infidelity p. The Relation of Natural Science to various important.

Com the Government of God dispense with his arbitrary Will? The Development from the lower to the higher p. Season hidden in the Powers of the Soul p.

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Speeches deltvebed at two diffebent Scandinavian Scientific. The Author does not think that this doctrine is at variance with. A closer view of the Law of Oscillation in the development of Science. The impression of beauty in that which is full of life. The Influence of Natural Science when opposed to Infidelity p. The laws of Electricity Galvanism and Magnetism are laws. On the Intercommunication which exists between the Planets p.

Hans Christian Orsted

The Relation between Natueai Science and Poetet. The Beautiful pleases us as the impression of an Idea without our being at the same time conscious of.

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The rational creatures on some of the planets may be capable of receiving far quicker, more acute, and more distinct impressions than on the earth, and on others it may be quite the contrary. If we now turn to the mental forces and mental development we cannot acknowledge less variety ; we may imagine that there are reasonable beings with weaker faculties than Our tolerably exact knowledge of the dissimilarity of these conditions is limited to an inexpressibly small part of the whole ; its application, therefore, to the results of those intellectual forms of existence which are determined, must be still more limited.

The variety in the nature He elaborated his ideas with slowness and certainty, bringing them forward only after a long lapse of time.

Oersted's Experiment: Why it is Important & Why it is so WEIRD

Doctoral Thesis on the Dynamical System ; 9. Pharmacy-Manager and Fiance ; Galvanism ; II. First Grand Tour. Tourist far away from Sophie ; Ritter and Winterl ; Jena Romanticism, Salons and Societies ; Post-revolutionary Paris ; Ritter and the Napoleon Prize ; Alone and Abandoned in Copenhagen with a Collection of Instruments ; Rivalry and Love ; Textbook Writer and Professor ; Napoleon's Imperialism and Fichte's Idealism ; Sonorous Figures ; The Art of Music ; Family and Friends ; Dialogue on Mysticism. Ritter's Death ; IV. Career and Brothers Working Together ; Second Journey Abroad.

Berlin and Paris ; The Major Work ; The Controversy on Pantheism ; Love and Marriage ; The Prime Mover of Science.

The Science of Hans Christian Oersted

Gitte's First-born Child ; Dynamical Research. Orsted's Dissent ; Expedition to Bornholm ; V. The Happiest Year ; A Discovery by Chance?

Dan Ch Christensen, Hans Christian Ørsted: Reading Nature's Mind - PhilPapers

Domestic and Foreign Reactions ; The Triumphal Progress. Germany ; Paris ; Britain ; VI. The Society for the Dissemination of Science in Denmark ; The Orsted Brothers in the Howitz-Controversy ; Aluminium - Priority and Nationalism ; The Downfall of A.

Orsted, the Millennium of Christianity, and the Tercentenary of the Reformation ; Family Life and Conferences Abroad ; The Polytechnic Institute ; The Literary Critic ; Technology and Industry ;