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All the talk is of voluntary codes, not compulsory rules.

Why we’re sitting on a food waste time bomb - BBC Reel

Meanwhile the Health Select Committee, an influential group of MPs, is holding its own inquiry into obesity. In two weeks' time it will summon the heads of the major food corporations. Julian Hilton-Johnson, vice-president of McDonalds, Martin Glenn, president of PepsiCo UK, and Andrew Cosslett, managing director of Cadbury Schweppes, will sit in a row in front of the committee to explain why they are not responsible for the surge in obesity. Last month he flew with the rest of the committee to Coca-Cola's headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

My jaw dropped as I listened to her. The idea that you can burn off all the calories from a high-fat diet just through exercise is potty. I hope in our next meeting that the companies will put forward some solutions. Many people think of obesity as akin to smoking, both being major causes of chronic illness, disability and early death, and both seen as the creation of marketing men who have learnt to indulge our cravings.

TimeBomb! A Genocide of Deadly Processed Foods. DVD

But whereas even one cigarette is harmful to the body, the same cannot be said for a chocolate bar or burger. Obesity expert Dr Susan Jebb points out: 'No one food, in itself, is dangerous - it is a prolonged excessive amount of high-fat, high-sugar food which creates the problems. We live in what nutritionists call an obesifying environment. Some people are genetically more predisposed to weight gain than others, but the food has to be available in the first place. As one expert put it: 'If your genes load the gun, then it's your environment that's pulling the trigger. The issue plagues all Ministers, especially Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell, who now has to decide whether to do more to ban food adverts targeted at children.

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Now we have to identify the areas that are the role of government and those that are for industry and those to do with parental behaviour. A major aim is to raise levels of physical activity, and Jowell has seen many schools where they are trying to do this: 'I have seen the impact in areas where they have brought in partnerships,' she said.


The Observer, as part of its Fit for the Future campaign, has argued that all children need two hours of sport in school each week, but many schools are unable to offer even that. Jowell said parents can help: 'You have to persuade them of the value of taking children to sport on a Saturday morning.

If they won't do that, you have to look at offering sport before school or more sport after school. But there's a lot of pressure on teachers, so we want to get more coaches to come in and help.

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And as if anyone needed reminding, she said: ' It takes a long time to secure change. It's not going to happen overnight.

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Trailing down a Sainsbury superstore aisle, Debbie Oakley, year-old mother of three, wore a glazed expression as she surveyed the range of cereals. Her six-year-old son, Matthew, began to clamour for two packets with free toys inside, and into the trolley they went.

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The country has a population just shy of ,, and diabetes constitutes a public health crisis of epidemic proportions. Strobel added that 80 percent of hospital beds in Fiji are filled by diabetics or people presenting debilitating symptoms from other non-communicable diseases — a range of diseases attributed to diet and lifestyle, including diabetes and obesity, that account for 75 percent of all deaths in the Pacific.

One case cited by the report looked at Samoa's attempt to ban the import of turkey tails, an off-cut meat imported to the country by US corporations that contains 40 to 45 percent fat. Four thousand tons, or 20 kilos per person, of the product was being shipped to Samoa annually in when the country tried to ban the product over health concerns.

Cheese Bomb - Epic Meal Time

US trade representatives complained about the ban, and when Samoa joined the World Trade Organization in , the Pacific nation was forced to drop the ban. In the free trade setup, these products find their way, through the market, to the poorer countries and people buy them. Climate change, intensive agriculture and urbanisation are degrading soil around the world.

Algorithms, drones and robots can make farming a lot friendlier to the environment. As young people chose city life, who is going to grow our food? Extreme weather events are set to become more common, making our food supply more precarious.