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Ende, Flores: The Womb that Conceived Indonesia

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Does a soul enter the mother's womb during conception?

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Explore music. Exiled from Catalyst by Prototype. CD release of the "Catalyst" album. Sold Out. In the mids, with a population of only 5,, Ende was considered a primitive outback of the Indies, where Sukarno and his family would be foreign Javanese strangers in the land of the Ende-Lio speaking people. Back then, the only way to keep in touch would be through letters that would take months to reach Java and back to Flores. Sukarno made use of his four years here meditating on his vision for an independent Indonesia and engaging with locals to take part in it. To connect on their level, Sukarno wrote a dozen theatre plays and founded the Toneel Club Kelimutu which involved locals in productions performed at the Immaculata Building. Another play, Dr. Sjaitan , tells of a mad scientist who is able to bring dead organisms back to life by transplanting the heart of another living organism.

In order to bring the shattered robot back to life, it must be connected to the 45 electric poles, which need to be wired and capture energy from the Great Lightning. The lightning symbolises God. During his exile in Ende, Sukarno and his family lived on Jalan Perwira.

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Their house is now known as Situs Pengasingan Soekarno, a national heritage museum run by former friends of the Sukarno family. The museum houses goods owned and used by Sukarno during his stay in Ende. According to an Endenese acquaintance who is related to him, the caretaker is a low-waged, paid-by the hour worker who still takes his canoe out fishing for a living.

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Instead, I spent the afternoon waiting for the absent museum caretaker at a mediocre warung Padang whose waitresses were busy watching a sappy sinetron soap opera. Since receiving funds from Yayasan Bung Karno in collaboration with the Ende regency government, the Immaculata Building is currently under renovation.

When I visited in December , the building was greatly damaged and infested with wild vines.

Sjaitan had to be performed in a small tent in the streets outside Immaculata Building.