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El Cinco de Mayo: An American Tradition

Civil War and the French intervention in Mexico, when both Mexico and the United States faced serious threats to their sovereignty and the fledgling rule of democracy. At last, here is history that can put to rest the misconceptions and confusion that frame the holiday, allowing a clear picture of how and why, in the words of D. Latinos saw between the onset of the Civil War and the invasion of Mexico by the French. With the victory against the French on May 5, , U.

Latinos saw the potential of Mexico to repel its invaders and reassert its status as a democratic nation.

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Meanwhile, U. By invoking the memory of the battle, Latinos rallied their communities. While the holiday remained and remains an important celebration for Latinos, it reflected the U.

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El Cinco de Mayo does what I once thought impossible: explain the relevance and the importance of commemorating this day. S and the democratic ideals both nations held dear. Though the book primarily deals with the events from to , the time period is an important part of American history that should receive wider recognition, particularly at a time when the importance of Latinos in American history is being questioned and banned from classrooms by organizations such as the Tucson Unified School District.

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  • The speeches, bailables , musical performances and foods that are celebratory hallmarks and are much richer than the Coronas and tequila shots to which the holiday is often reduced would not fade away. Such supplements to the festivities would not only bestow a greater understanding of the holiday, but could serve as a reminder that, in these divisive times, yes: Latinos are American. We provide a list of quotes below.

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    Hayes-Bautista explains, the holiday is not Mexican at all, but rather an American one, created by Latinos in California during the mid-nineteenth century. Today, it continues to reflect the aspirations of a community that is engaged, empowered, and expanding.

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