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Der grüne Bogenschütze. Kriminalroman. ( Rote Krimi) - AbeBooks:

Edgar Wallace Edition 6 Blu-ray. Large: Front. Crime Thriller.

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Next day, when Bellamy opens the secret door he is overseen by the police. They go into the cellar, but the woman Bellamy held there is gone. The police leave. Bellamy tricks Savini and his wife and locks them into the basement. Whilst phoning Featherstone, Valerie is kidnapped by the Archer and taken via a secret passage to the dungeon beneath Garre Castle. Featherstone arrives and is captured, too.

Stolen Child

Bellamy reveals that his brother stole his girlfriend from him. To take revenge, he locked her up and had her son sent to prison where he was tortured by prison guard Creager. Bellamy attempts to drown his prisoners by flooding the cellar. The police arrive at Garre Castle and a shootout with Bellamy and his henchmen ensues.

Bellamy is shot and killed by the Archer. An explosive device used by the police then inadvertently kills the Archer - he is discovered to be "John Wood", who is actually John Bellamy, Valerie's brother. He was on a crusade of revenge against those who were responsible for his incarceration and torture: Bellamy, Smith and Creager.

The prisoners are freed. Bellamy's dead butler is discovered to also wear a green suit under his clothes. There were thus two Green Archers, one of them doing Bellamy's bidding, one trying to destroy him. According to Featherstone, Valerie's mother is safe. Earlier film versions of Wallace's story were produced in the US as serials in and Cinematography took place from October to January Interiors were filmed at Real-Film Studio Hamburg , four later films from the series were also shot there.

Exteriors were filmed at Hamburg and at Schloss Ahrensburg. The FSK gave the film a rating of 12 years and up, unsuitable for screening on public holidays. It went on mass release on 3 February , but there was no premiere.

Der grüne Bogenschütze. Kriminalroman. ( Rote Krimi)

Foggy streets, mysterious castles, trap doors, masked murderers and avengers, criminal types in dive bars and secret passages. Amusing entertainment.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Green Archer German poster. Hallo—Hier spricht Edgar Wallace! Die Egar Wallace-Filme German. Retrieved 17 June Lexikon des internationalen Films, Band 3 German. CS1 maint: Extra text: authors list link. Edgar Wallace.