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Now it is time for the books: Coetzee The book is an autobiography mainly told by interwiews with women who were part of his life. The women's statements are not very complimentary, but it is not clear what is reality and what is fiction. Often the reader learns more about the life of the interview partners than about Coetzee. But his picture gradually rounds off. Well written and interesting to read. A woman is kidnapped in front of a tram driver. He and his relative, a former policeman, former private detective and now a night watchman are on the trail. The trail becomes bloody, at the end there is a happy ending.

A few birds also play a role, the murders happen because of them. Quite nice, a good for the holiday reading and quickly read. Hospitals are the airports of the cemeteries. Edited: Mar 2, , am.

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ETA: I forgot an author, so I had to correct the statistic. Mar 2, , am. And the first book of March: I can not give you an exact reason - I just did not feel well, so this one does not appear on my list. Das Puppenhaus started better. A mad scientist invents a minimizer, a crazy rich woman uses him to take revenge and populate her miniature houses. The idea of the book is good, but not the implementation. It may be a bit too much to expect to be close to reality in a horror novel, but some things just were not believable. Especially some actions of people.

I also missed the atmosphere - maybe I expect too much. The book is back in the public bookcase. Mar 11, , am. After a week with little time to read I finished again a book: Lazlo Kreizler and his friends Theodore Roosevelt is one of them, the first woman at the police, former patients, a journalist, some policemen are among them, too are on the hunt for a serial killer in New York. They have no help from anyone, but Kreizler is a genius and uses in the year the technique of profiling.

Thrilling, interesting and a pleasure to read. Mar 14, , am. It was indeed a very good book. I also read a non fiction history of a Victorian crime recently and was interested to see that they really did have alienists at the time. Mar 15, , am. So you have confirmed that feeling to me. The stimulus to read the book, came from the group, I think it was your review, that made me curious.

(Sir)Thomas is reading again

So thank you again for the reading pleasure! Edited: Mar 24, , pm. At the moment, we are on holiday in the north of Germany. Clouds, rain, wind, snow - great - reading weather. But there is no bad weather, there is only inapproriate clothing, as they say here We are every day outside and we enjoy these days and our three combat: walking, eating, reading: Macht by Karen Duve Another inspiration of this great group, years ago, this year I found it in our public library.

It is a dystopia a short time in the future, climate is crazy, politics too.


Gloom and doom. A man, all men are suppressed, has locked his wife in the basement to finally have some power again.

Then he falls in love with a childhood friend. He tries to organize his life, but it gets more and more chaotic. A nice game with power and powerlessness. It is frightening that the described world could easily become reality. Back in Styles, the location of their first case, Poirot and Hastings are on the hunt again. But this murderer is completely different from others and Poirot must do something what he doesn't want to.

I love the Agatha Christie books. I think the brain dead who imagined the subtitle! The story is about a doctor and her little sister who come back in a little town and all citizens are vanished. Then the fight against a creepy intelligence begins.

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  • Lady Davenports Slave, Vol. I - The Collaring of Amber!
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  • The Accidental Mistress: Small Town Romance BWWM.

Frightening and well written, the good are a little too good, the bad a little bit too bad, but the story is great. ETA: Cover was not viewable. ETA: Picture was not viewable. Mar 18, , am.

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  4. And The Angels Sing?
  5. Inspirerende Gedigte (Afrikaans Edition);
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  7. The Practical Visionary: A New World Guide to Spiritual Growth and Social Change.
  8. Thank you, Jennifer, we do! The last days we had sun, it is stormy, but the air is great.

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    We love it. Yesterday we cooked on our own - north sea crabs with scrambled eggs and bread - simple but yummy. The only thing you have to mind is to buy them at the right place. Normally the crabs are fished in the north sea, then they get preserved and driven to Morocco for peeling. Then they are sold nearby the place they used to live. Fresh peeled crabs from the fisherman are so much better. Now it is time again for books: Thrilling, well researched with protagonists who are not only shadow pictures.

    Liv Lammers has to catch a murderer and has to deal with her past on the island. Ich bin nicht alt, nur schon sehr lange jung by Alexandra Reinwarth When you get older you will become more relaxed. Ok it is true, but du I need a whole book for this insight? Some parts are quiet funny - I will leave the book in the holiday home, perhaps one of the next guests will enjoy it more.

    Happy Sunday, Thomas. I found your thread and find that you have a wide-ranging reading taste. Some authors have already been read, others not. In any case, I put a star. Mar 19, , am. Thank you, I like to try something new sometimes. A lot of suggestions are from this gorgeous group. The author is a comedian and the stories have been part of his program.

    Sometimes reading was like a look in a mirror - a little bit blurred. Schuld by Ferdinand von Schirach The author is defense attorney and he tells about funny and crazy cases. Easy to read for in between. Mar 24, , pm. The holidays are over, and it's nice to be home again. I created the last posts with the tablet, unfortunately some covers and pictures were probably not displayed correctly. So nice with the sun on the left side lightning up the sea and the beach, and overcast on the right side. Mar 25, , pm. Thank you, Anita, I'm glad you like the picture.

    It was even more beautiful to se it live ;-. It's a bit strange, everything was easily visible on the tablet. But when I looked at the thread at home at the PC, the picture and some covers were gone. Mar 29, , am. Back to the books: But the bank is in a computer game, so a game developer is involved in the investigation. Nothing is what it seems, there are many unexpected twists and turns.