e-book Death of a Squire (Templar Knight Mysteries, No. 2): A Templar Knight Mystery

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Products of this store will be shipped directly from the US to your country. Products of this store will be shipped directly from the UK to your country. He has been severely injured during his imprisonment and the things he has seen and the fate of his family have sorely tested his faith.

The Alehouse Murders takes place in midsummer. The midsummer fair is about to begin and merchants and revellers have started to flock to Lincoln for the festivities when four corpses are found in the town alehouse. The sheriff and his men must investigate and, on a whim, Lady Nicolaa asks de Marins to assist and report to her and her husband. He discovers that what at first appeared to be the end of a drunken brawl is in fact a cunning crime. As the body count rises, de Marins tracks the killer in a desperate attempt to protect the populace and reputation of Lincolnshire.

Death of a Squire moves into the late autumn of A. Lady Nicolaa and her retinue are preparing to host the first meeting betweeen King William of Scotland and King John of England when the body of a squire is found hanging from a tree deep in the forest. These are delightful, well-written mysteries.

A brave woman seeks justice for the weak in the maelstrom of corruption and violence that is the squalid underbelly of complacent Victorian society. Love Cadfael and Crowner John? Then you'll enjoy Sir Faucon, Warwickshire's first coroner.

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Kyle Achilles, Prequel Novella. Europe's smartest criminal, versus America's best spy. And then there's poor Emily, stuck in between. Review "A terrific new historical mystery series. Read reviews that mention mystery maureen lincoln ash young king bascot forest john body castle medieval murder murders mute marins holy captivity alehouse gianni. That said, this novel is filling up with kindle notes. I enjoy the few minutes needed to check such things as declawing of certain dogs according to forest law and the production and distribution of "candi". I enjoy adding to my knowledge of that time.

I also enjoy the characters and always a murder mystery. The trees in the forest were nearly denuded of leaves.

He is still recovering from the torture he suffered at the hands of the Saracans during his years of captivity in the Holy Lands. King John and King William of Scotland are on their way to Lincoln Castle and everything must be perfect to receive them. The body of young Squire Hubert de Tournay is found hands bound and hung from a tree in the forest.

! A Deadly Penance A Templar Knight Mystery

The murder doesn't appear to have been done by poachers as the squire has not been stripped of his fine clothing or accessories. As castellan of Lincoln Castle, Lady Nicolaa de la Haye is responsible for the fife and ensuring peace within it. I found this a much better book than the first, "The Alehouse Murders. Lady Nicolaa is a wonderful, strong woman and it's nice to see that woman did play an important role during the time. But it is Bascot who really draws me to the story. He is a Templar Knight who, while questioning his future, still honors the commitments he made.

His care for Gianni, whom he admits feeling about more as a father than a master, adds a humanity and caring to his obvious intellect and strength. The story is so well researched and plotted with excellent suspense and twists along the way.

It was a wonderful read and I hope a series that will continue on for some time. Maureen Ash does a great job placing the reader smack in the middle of Medieval Lincoln, and this one is no exception.

Death of a Squire

This mystery had so many twists and turns that I had a hard time putting it down. It also continues the saga of the Templar knight, Bascot, and his ward, the mute boy Gianni. When a squire is killed, everyone from nobility to outlaws are suspect, and the popularly believed motive leads Bascot on a merry chase.

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When young Gianni is kidnapped, Bascot will do anything to get him back. I really enjoyed this one. Second in the series of this fascinating knight. Three poachers out after deer, come upon the body of a young squire hanging in a tree. Thus the story begins.

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Of course more murder s follow, suspicious activity, and even kidnapping.