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Navy from its first battleships to the latest super-aircraft carriers and guided missile ships firing atomic weapons; from the earliest submarine to the atomic-powered Nautilus and Sea Wolf; from primitive torpedo boats to the giant-sized frigate; from black powder to rockets and automatic weapons. First is the recruit—new to the Navy, he has here a handbook of basic knowledge about his new profession.

Battleship Sailor (Bluejacket Books)

Second is the long-service Navyman—the man who is advancing into the area where he must use his "military and general-Navy" knowledge more than ever before. Whether he be a PO3rd or CPO, he will find between the covers of this manual the most complete and up-to-date collection of such key information. Navy Chief of Naval Personnel. Revised by Captain John V. Noel, Jr. Navy Assisted by Lieutenant Donald A.

Basics of Shipboard life

Franz, U. Navy Chief Journalist William J. In my opinion, this is a must-read book for those interested in history, Japan, political science, or simply want a good spy story to curl up wit h!

Battleships of the Scharnhorstclass. The Battleship Fuso.

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Battleship Sailor by Theodore C. Mason

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Battleship Sailor

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