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That's not all though Juneau and her clan can also perform " earth magic ". By connecting to the Yara a powerful force that connects everything in the Earth. It is the current that moves through all things they can connect to other members of Earth's superorganism, reading memory, making predictions, blending with their surroundings, controling the elements and many other things. Juneau returns from a hunting trip to discover that her clan is gone, taken by armed brigands.

She's determined to find them and bring them back safely. Leaving the boundaries of their land for the very first time, she makes a horrifying discovery The world is intact and much more modernized than the one she has been taught about. Everything she has been raised to believe is a lie.

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But while Juneau looks for a way to rescue her clan, someone else is looking for her This, for me, was a great premise for a book. Pretty original story. And, as mentioned before, I love Amy Plum's writing. But I wasn't quite as fond of this as I was her other series. It was just a bit slow. The world building was fantastic, so no complaints there and I enjoyed Juneau as a MC. Her reactions and emotions were believable and sometimes pretty humorous for the situation she was in.

I wasn't all that on board with the romance that developed in the course of this book, I didn't find it all that believable and think just a platonic friendship would've worked better But overall, it was good. I'll be starting the next one tonight View all 12 comments. May 06, destini mia rated it really liked it. So traitor, you want to play? The game is on. So, this wasn't what I expected. I don't know what I expected, really. But whatever I would have expected would not have been this. That sounds kind of bad, but I'm actually pleasantly surprised.

The concept of a seemingly post-apocalyptic world with a supernatural twist caught my attention but, like most books I've read lately, I was worried that it would just be "okay". This was not the case.

We have a strong female lead, Juneau, who with Miles mad So traitor, you want to play? We have a strong female lead, Juneau, who with Miles made a hilarious combination.

You have to be tough to survive an apocalypse. At the tender age of 17, Juneau bears the responsibility of one day have to care for her clan. I was immensely impressed by how seriously she took this role.

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Everything she did was to benefit her people. We have a good life, while the world outside our boundaries is nothing but radioactive waste, bands of marauding brigands, and for anyone else who might have survived World War III, an existence filled with misery and despair.

Well, she might have been a little off on that. The rest of the world isn't quite marinating in radioactive waste. At least not more than you would right now. It isn't decimated by war and poisoned by radiation. People— not dangerous brigands, but normal-looking people— are walking down its street. Cars that look brand-new— more rounded than the ones in the EB— are driving down the roads are parked along their sides. This is not a post apocalyptic wasteland. How is she going to save her kidnapped clan from an uncertain fate?

Well, with the help of Miles.

He is quite likely the stupidest boy I have ever met. What a hilarious pair they made. They are both so different, raised so differently, that they were butting heads all the time. I was have the time of my life watching them attempt to interact with each other. Because no matter how different or how strange they found the other person, they needed each other. He has lived what Dennis would call "a fortunate life, unfortunately for the rest of the world.

After the End is filled with spirituality, magic, and the supernatural. It was surprisingly philosophical, without getting too heavy. Now onto the not so good. It took me a while to get into this book. I don't know what it was. To the point where I was ready to put it down and try my luck elsewhere.

After the End

And Miles. I get that he's the neglected but spoiled rich kid with behavioral problems. But I thought his reason for seeking Jeneau out was pretty unbelievable. But other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will be keeping an eye out for book 2.

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Rating: 3. Doubt everything at least once. View all 17 comments. Guys, I was really surprised by this one. It is not what you're going to expect at all.


I expected it to be sort of like a contemp, a fish out of water story with Juneau integrating into society. I really liked it. Here's the story: Juneau is a seventeen-year-old who is happily living with her clan in the wilds of Alaska after World War III turned the rest of Earth into a nuclear wasteland.

Juneau is poised to become the next "sage", or leader of the clan, because she has great skill in connecting to the Yara, which is the lifeforce that connects all beings and elements. But soon after she takes off on a hunting trip, she returns to her camp to find everyone gone, their animals slaughtered.

She sets off on a journey to try to find the rest of her clan, and quickly discovers that WWIII never happened, and the world has advanced without her. Worse, she's now being pursued by thugs, and she's not sure why. Meanwhile, Miles Blackwell is trying to get back into his father's good graces - Miles is a rich brat who's gotten into a lot of trouble at school. When he hears that his father is chasing Juneau, he sets off to find her on his own in the hopes of getting his father to help him get into Yale and put things back to normal.